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Tips for navigating this web site

  • All of the screens in the web site have the same basic appearance and use the same basic navigation.
  • The buttons on the left side of each page provide links to the major areas of the web site.  The same buttons are used for all screens.
  • The QUICK LINKS button (the next to last button on the left side of each page) leads to a page with a list of links to a variety of pages throughout the site.  This provides a direct link to some pages that may require that a number of links be followed to reach them otherwise.  The links are listed alphabetically and may be presented in more than one format.  If you find that additional Quick Links would be helpful, please email a request to webmaster@trinitycamphill.org and they will be added.
  • In addition to the buttons on the left side of nearly every page, some pages include buttons in the header area with links to other related pages within the site.  The pages related to WORSHIP SERVICES are one example where these additional buttons are used.
  • Hyperlinks are used throughout the site to navigate to pages within the Trinity web site and to related web sites outside the Trinity web site.  The links are shown as blue, underlined text as is customary on most sites (for instance: home).
  • Where multiple pages of photographs are used, each page includes a full listing of the pages with links to each page on the page number.  There are also links associated with the Next and Previous text that enable you to page through the pages of photographs.  The Photo Tour of the interior of the building is one example where this technique is used.
  • Most of the buttons on the left side are at least somewhat self explanatory and we invite you to explore the content of each of those pages.  The ABOUT TRINITY button does invite some explanation.  It is a page of links to a variety of pages and external web sites, many of which do not fit neatly into the other categories.  For instance, the column of the page includes links to our synod web site, the ELCA web site and links to community web sites.  The right column includes links to such things as our annual report and floor plans for our building, to name a few.
  • Web browsers - The site appears to display properly in Windows Internet Explorer, Safari, Modzilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator (not advised since this browser is no longer supported), Flock and Opera, but not every page has been tested in each of the web browsers.  If you encounter any display or formatting issues with any of the browsers, please report them to webmaster@trinitycamphill.org.  Thank you.

Adobe Reader is required to view or print a number of the files that you will find on this web site, notably sermons and the Trinity Parish, as well as the printer friendly versions of a number of the pages.  Most computers include Adobe Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, follow the link below to download the free reader.

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