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What to expect when you visit Trinity
We value forming loving, authentic relationships with God and others.

How do I get to Trinity?

Click on the 'Find Trinity' button on the left side of any page or on the map to the right.


Which entrance should I use?

The doors into the Gathering Space to the left of the portico with the large columns are the best place to enter for worship at any of our services or for any other purpose.  Fellowship Hall is to the left.  The nave is to the right.  To get to the chapel, follow the hall straight back to the library and then turn right to the end of that hall and the chapel is on the left.  The church offices are located at the top of the stairs to the right.  An elevator to both the second floor and the basement is located in the hallway to the left just behind the stairway.  A receptionist is on duty at the counter just inside the doors into the Gathering Space on Sunday mornings for all services and Sunday through Thursday evenings.  The receptionist can direct you to worship services, the nursery, rest rooms or meeting rooms and can answer a variety of questions that you may have.


Our Worship Services

All of our worship services are liturgical - that is they follow a prescribed form consisting of four sections:
     The Gathering
     The Word
     The Meal (Holy Communion)
     The Sending
Within that prescribed form, the format and atmosphere of each of the five services that we have each week is unique.  Click on the Worship Services button on the left side of any page to learn more about our worship services.


Holy Communion

Holy Communion is celebrated at all but three of our over three hundred worship services each year.  Normally communion is served by intinction with each person receiving a wafer or a piece of bread that they then dip into the wine in the chalice.  Once each month there is an opportunity at the 8:15 and 11:00 services to receive communion kneeling at the altar rail and using individual chalices to receive the wine.  As a gesture of hospitality, Trinity uses exclusively a dealcoholized wine (less than 0.5% alcohol) for all communion services.


How should I dress?

All are welcome at Trinity no matter how they are dressed.  Typically most people dress casually for the Thursday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. services.  At the 8:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Sunday services there is typically a mix of casual and dressier attire, with perhaps half of the men wearing coats and ties at the 11:00 a.m. service. 


We will not embarrass you

You will not be asked to stand and introduce yourselves.  During communion, the pastors generally like to address everyone by their first names as they distribute the wafers or bread and they may ask you for your first name so that they can do that.  There are frequently visitor name tags available and you are welcome to wear them if you like so that people can address you by name.


Garden of Eatin'

Please join us for conversation and fellowship in the Gathering Space each Sunday morning between the early and late services and following the late services in what we refer to as the Garden of Eatin'.  Consistent with our Lutheran tradition, coffee (along with other drinks and snacks) is available to enhance the conversation and fellowship.

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